Write Now Inspiration Deck

Write Now Inspiration Deck

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ORDER the Write Now Inspiration Deck. A creative tool for writers, journalers, and dreamers. Shipping NOW!! 

The NEW Write Now Inspiration Deck™ is a set of 36 inspirational journaling cards designed to inspire you during your journaling time. 

The cards feature a variety of prompts to guide you through your writing time as you ponder, explore, discover, and document your life. There are many ways to use the deck: 

  • PONDER -- deal yourself a card, then simply sit and think about what you're being asked. Pay attention to what comes up as you hold the question in your heart and mind!
  • EXPLORE -- shuffle the entire deck, then pull two - four cards with the intention of spending 5 minutes with each and looking for connections once the writing is done. 
  • DISCOVER -- keep the deck near your writing space and pull a card when you "can't think of what to write" or you need to quiet all the possibilities of what to write. 
  • CREATE & COLLABORATE -- write with a friend (or a group of friends). Round robin style journaling infused with a dash of serendipity. What could be more fun???
  • CONVERSATION STARTERS -- these are great for breaking the ice. 

Whether you are a beginning writer/journal keeper or a seasoned pro, the deck is sure to ignite hours of creative exploration

I like to think of it as a reason to write, right now!

CARD SIZE: Square 2.75 x 2.75
Number of Cards: 36

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