Deep Discovery - SoulCollage® with Kiala

Deep Discovery - SoulCollage® with Kiala

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Deep Discovery: An Introduction to SoulCollage®

January 18 & 19, 2020 - 10AM to 4PM​


NOTE: This is an introductory workshop that takes place ONLINE

​We each have a living Universe inside of us! 

It's there from the moment we are born. It’s unique, rich, and filled with messages, desires, and directions on how to live our best lives. 

When we access these messages we excavate pieces of ourselves that may be broken or that may have been hidden for years. When we allow our adventurous selves to journey to our depths, we can connect to our innermost places and breathe new life into them. This is powerful, soul nourishing work and SoulCollage® is a tool that can help us access this level of depth. 

During this introduction, I intentionally guide you through unraveling your personal story while exploring the stories of your community and your ancestors. By sharing the SoulCollage® process with you we awaken a powerful part of you. You connect to the fire that is already burning inside you (no matter how low it may be right now) and you gain clarity about your purpose and passion. At the end of our time together, you will take home several completed cards and know how to use the cards for daily readings, journaling, and periodic conversations with the deepest parts of yourself.

This is an introductory workshop designed for those who are new to SoulCollage®. It will give you a taste of what can happen when you come to truly know yourself, share your truth, and find deep, lasting and direct connection to your inner wisdom. Once you activate this part of yourself, the transformation that can happen is beyond measure.
You have the option to add a 1-on-1 Call with Me where we can go a bit deeper with the formation of your deck or do additional card readings with your deck. 
NOTE: You MUST be registered BEFORE January 18th in order to participate. 

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